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I've got a question, probably lame.
Well, lately, actually after Spaceman video... I realised I NEED some hq magazine scans of the Brandonband.
I usually only searched for scans of asian bands, so I like, have no idea where to look for them D:

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It took me a few hours to put all this stuff in order and select a nice bunch to post in my LJ. I hope you enjoy it. Here you can see a random of all my work this month, posted separately in my blog,in case you want to check it.
>> Credit is a must, and comments make my day.

[001- 012] Twilight
[013- 016] Madonna (LV shoot)
[017- 027] The Killers
[028- 032] Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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Hey everyone :)
I went to my first Killers concert last night and it was beyond was perfectly amazing and brilliant :D
I come asking a question...does anyone know where I can find a bootleg of the show? Of decent quality, please. It was the Friday January 23rd show at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto
Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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Who else managed to snag Victims pre-sale tickets for the tour today? I got my Phoenix pit ticket and I'm beyond excited :)
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