♥ put me in a terror pocket (everrdeadly) wrote in thekillers,
♥ put me in a terror pocket

killers11.png picture by dancelittleliarrkillers03.png picture by dancelittleliarrkillers13.png picture by dancelittleliarr
that 70's show, glee, torchwood, heroes, chuck, the mighty boosh, lost, doctor who, the big bang theory, skins, true blood, movies, johnny depp, leighton meester, david bowie, the killers, arctic monkeys, amy winehouse, paolo nutini, lily allen, agyness deyn, henry holland, karl lagerfeld, kate moss, philip glenister, john simm, david tennant, rolling stones, lindsay lohan, marilyn monroe, pug, london

the sun is in the sky oh way oh way would i wanna be anywhere else
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